Stryke is a fight dance fitness workout created by husband + wife team Chris McNally + Erin Mansour. Together the two have over thirty years of experience in the fitness industry. Chris, now a retired professional fighter, and Erin, a professional dancer, wanted to combine their passion + create a workout that anyone of any size , sex, and fitness level could participate.

After years of research , planning, experimenting , and tons of sweating Stryke was born.

The most amazing, fun, kick-your-ass + leave you in a state of 'duh' workout you'll ever experience. A workout where you not only exercise your body, you go on a journey + you leave with an addiction to it. We have taken the best of both worlds + made a bouncing fitness baby. We have incorporated a masculine + feminine element with levels of intensity leaving nothing out. If you have a racing pulse, you can do Stryke. Honestly, you will experience it once + never look back.

It's more than a workout, it will change your life.

It's intense + empowering + enticing + sexy, all in one. It's reckless abandon + intense discipline, and it's completely addicting.


Chris "No Mercy" McNally

As a skinny fat, Chris embarked on his journey to be a world class athlete at age 15 when he walked on to his high school wrestling team, where in 1998 he placed 3rd in the high school state championship. Then in college he went from 3rd string Freshman walk-on to 4th place at the NCAA Championship in 2002. While fighting his way to the top of the college wrestling world, Chris earned his Bachelors in Exercise Science and Chemistry. Chris began coaching wrestling and teaching courses while pursuing his Master's Degree in the graduate program at The Citadel in the fall of 2002. He discovered Mixed Martial Arts in 2003 and started a personal training business. Chris began his career as a professional MMA in 2006 and retired in 2012 but has been an athlete and trainer for 17 years.


Erin "Free Spirit" Mansour

Erin began her fitness journey at the tender age of 18 with Sweating to the Oldies by Richard Simmons. She had gained 80 pounds with her first pregnancy and was searching for a way to get the baby weight off. Now as a single mom she earned her Bachelor's from the College of Charleston, became an NIA Instructor, a licensed Esthetician and completed a Master's Degree in Business. Now with 4 beautiful children, Erin is a full-time mom, certified personal trainer, WERQ instructor and created a revolutionary new group fitness workout. It's hard to believe she has been an athlete for nearly 20 years.