First to Stryke DVD


In this fitness DVD you will sweat your a$$ off. Combining traditional fight techniques with edgy hip hop dancing, First to Stryke will get you sexy strong.

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Bag purchasing info:

All of the Stryke routines incorporate a bag into the routine. We plan (in the very near future) to offer Stryke Fitness bags, but while those are in the design + development phase we wanted to make sure that we gave you a few other options so you jump right in the workout + get the most out of it.

Walmart: Online 25lb bag kit comes with hand-wraps, chains + device for hanging and kid boxing bag gloves

Note: We recommend removing the metal hanging hooks from the straps, simply cut fabric with scissors. 
MartialArtsMart: Online 20lb, 40lb, or 60lb options

Note: The address for the MartialArtsMart fulfillment center is: 5613 N Broadway Knoxville, TN 37918, making delivery quick turn around.
Academy: Online 50lb bag (not for the beginner)
Kmart: Online or In-Store
Sears: Online or In-Store TapouT Youth Kickboxing Bag and Gloves Combo Kit 3013Y!/
Item# 00615616000P Model# 3013Y

*The last two can be purchased in the Retail Stores of Sears or Kmart in the Sporting Goods/Exercise Equipment section.

We will be offering a Stryke Fitness bag and if you would like to order please contact us so that we can get payment, shipping address + they must select a 15lb or 30lb bag. Also, we do have an option for a 45lb bag but extra shipping costs will apply.


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