Erin began her fitness journey at the tender age of 18 with Sweating to the Oldies by Richard Simmons. She had gained 80 pounds with her first pregnancy and was searching for a way to get the baby weight off. As a single mom she earned her Bachelor’s from the College of Charleston, became a NIA Instructor, a licensed Esthetician. She went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Business and have 3 more beautiful children (2 under age 10). Erin took Stryke onto national TV in 2015 when she competed on Spike TV’s fitness reality show SWEAT Inc alongside fitness mogul Jillian Michael’s, even though she did not win the entire season she was a fierce competitor winning 2 of the 3 challenges in her episode and then bringing Stryke back to charleston and launching the first ever of its kind boutique Stryke Fitness studio. Erin is a full-time studio owner and instructor, a certified personal trainer, a reality-TV personality, motivational speaker and life coach. She has coached thousands and continues to awe and inspire women each day.