Jackie Hill

I’ve worked out for many years. 15, in fact (Not counting school sports or rec sports I’ve done since I was 5, since that was done with the instruction of a coach and I didn’t necessarily understand why or what I was doing). I started with Elliptical and jogging, then added spin a year later at 18 and was teaching spin by 19. I added weight lifting when I was about 20. Eventually, I started working at my gym and taught or did spin daily and lifted weights for about an hour, as well. Although great at first, maintaining 2 hours a day in a gym got old after about 3 years. I eventually cut down on my weight lifting to every other day but kept up my cardio. I maintained that regime for a couple of years. Exhausting. When I hit about 25 or so, I cut out the weights all together and just decided to kill the cardio. I tried to do boot camps to get in some plyo exercises or calisthenics but hated it. Throughout all of this time, I had reached points where I thought my body was pretty good, and points where I thought it was merely ok, and points that I absolutely loved it (I’ve never ever hated my body, I have a great relationship with it), but all-in-all, the times where I liked it the most was impossible to maintain because of the amount of time needed in the gym. I’ve never had an issue with extremely healthy eating, so that never factored into my problem. Then in 2014, I started doing Stryke. Not even realizing that I was doing so much plyo, calisthenics AND cardio, all in one swoop. I was actually good with my body when I started this and not one bit worried about the scale. Then, before I knew it, my body was changing shape. A shape I didn’t even know my body was capable of getting into. What was going on?!?! At this point, utterly surprised, I decided to add a few more calories, healthy calories, but more. I only got sexier! I couldn’t believe what was going on. 1 hour a day in the gym accomplishing MORE than 2 hours a day in the gym of cardio and weight lifting??! Also, being one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever done. Literally being tricked, in a fun way, to do burpees, high knees, and pushups? Is this the ‘magic solution’ everyone has been waiting on?!? I’m now many, many months from when I started Stryke, I’m more shaped and toned than I have ever been and I’m having more fun than I ever imagined in a gym. It’s all you need in a day at the gym all balled into one fun-filled dance/fighting hour. Thank you so much for changing my life and making it to where I can squeeze in my hour at the gym, squeeze in more food in my diet, and NOT have to squeeze into my jeans.