Adrienne has worked out with Erin Mansour since 2006 and continued to follow her as a student to the many locations she has taught her fitness classes over the years and even trained out of her house. She took a pause to power lift until she had her third child. After her daughter was born she found herself back at Erin’s side taking Stryke in 2015. Adrienne has been an athlete her entire life and has done everything from soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading to even rugby in college. “I love working out, I always have. I love the mental balance it gives you and nothing gives me more joy than watching people take control of their lives. Stryke is the platform that people can use to accomplish this. It’s fun, it can be as intense as you want to make it it is on you. The community support you get from the class is like nothing I’ve ever done before!