Lauren Brown started Stryke by helping out a friend with a video. Unknown at the time, it ws the audition tape for a fitness reality show and Stryke was born. Since then, she has given birth to her first child and the youngest Stryker Arden is not nearly 2 and all over the studio getting her Stryke on. Stryke Fitness is such an adaptable fitness program that she was able to continue the routines throughout pregnancy and to the very day before she delivered. The endurance your body gains and builds through Stryke is a true testimony that this program will change you. “I love to see the confidence from the ladies who come here, seeing them swap out their baggy shirts for fitted tanks shows you they know they look good,” said Lauren. My favorite part of STRYKE is the relationships I’ve made along the way. The guys can’t go unmentioned here either, it’s awesome to see them really start to move their hips. Lauren’s Husband and fellow Stryker Calen Brown has been traiing with the program since the beginning as well.” Lauren works as a lending representative at a credit union. she enjoys taking her daughter to the park to swing and serving in her church on the coffee team.