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The perfect blend of MMA & Dance, Proven to Shed pounds in days
The perfect blend of MMA & Dance, Proven to Shed pounds in days

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Most of you know, I could go on all day about how Stryke Fitness has changed my life. I’ve been stuck for a few months but decided to kick it into high gear this past month. With the March challenge, I have beaten the Stryke record for most classes. 3 classes in a day, 11 classes in a week, and 41 classes in a month…

Chrissy Thames

Chrissy Thames

Stryke has changed so many things for me. I hated working out because I was so out of shape and after trying one class I knew this was where I needed to be. The environment at the studio is so encouraging. The instructors care that you are there and want you to succeed. I have been challenged and pushed both mentally…

Danielle Hardwick

Danielle Hardwick

Thank you so much Erin Mansour for my belated TransformationTuesday! Earlier today I got my 4 week measurements after adding personal training to my Stryke workouts! I’ve lost 14 inches throughout my body in 4 weeks, but since beginning Stryke fitness I’ve lost a total of 21 lbs. I’m so happy to have the old Karen…

Karen Naugle

Karen Naugle

Your class really is the best! I haven’t found a workout I like as much as I like Stryke Fitness. Plus you make it even better. You are an awesome person and you can tell you really love and believe in Stryke. I think the instructor of a class makes all the difference in the world and I’m addicted to Stryke because you make it awesome!

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts

Voted Best Gym, 2 Years in a Row

Voted Best Gym,
2 Years in a Row

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